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Pendant Lamps

Using pendant lamps is a great way to add more light to your home. There are several different types of pendant lamps that you can choose from. These include the Asparagus Pendant lamp and the Daxter Pendant lamp.

Pendant Lamps Have a Wide Range of Metal Shades

Whether you’re looking for new lighting for your living room or bedroom, west elm has a great collection of pendant lamps to make your space feel bright and inviting. From modern to traditional, you’ll find a variety of styles to fit any design scheme.

Pendant lamps have a wide range of metal shades to match your decor. You’ll also find a variety of decor accents, including cadiz shells and fluted shades, to help you create a stunning lighting accent in any space. You can also add a little color to your home with colored sculptural glass.

How to Find Pendant Lamps with Hardwired Plugs?

You can also find pendant lamps with hardwired plugs. These are ideal for low ceilings, or hallways. There are even options with a dimmer switch for more control. You can also choose a style with a tripod base, which is made of wood or other materials. This style is especially useful when you want to add a new lamp to a room without taking up a lot of space.

Choosing Pendant Lamps for Your Home

Choosing the right Pendant Lamps is important to your home’s style. There are a variety of styles to choose from, and you should consider a few key factors before making your final decision.

Various Styles Available

Choosing the right pendant light is an important part of your home’s decor. It can help you create a warm, soft glow or provide dramatic lighting. It’s also a great way to add a touch of modern style to your room. Fortunately, there are many different styles to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a classic pendant lamp or a more unique design, you’ll find a wide variety of pendant lights at Modern Digs Furniture. These contemporary pieces feature bold designs and exceptional craftsmanship. They also come in a wide array of colors and materials.

Lighting Option Features

One of the more unique pendant lamps, the Atom-8 Pendant Lamp, features a blend of modern and classic. Its powdercoated steel canopy and articulated multi-directional arms make this a stand-out fixture.

Another striking statement piece is the Helia Gold Wire Pendant Lamp. This mid-century-inspired lighting option features an attractive stainless steel rod, a clear power cord and a vacuum-plated steel shade. The Alejandra Pendant Lamp is a sophisticated piece. Its rich, luxurious design is a perfect way to bring a hint of Old World style to your modern space.

How to Measure From the Ceiling?

Whether you have a new installation or you’re installing a light fitting into an existing fixture, you need to know how to measure from the ceiling. The ceiling height is crucial in choosing the right lighting fixtures. Ideally, you want to make sure the pendant lamp hangs about 12 to 20 inches below the ceiling. The ceiling is taller than 8 feet, you’ll need to add some extra height to the fixture. If your ceiling is lower, you’ll need to make sure the bottom of the pendant lamp is about 30 to 40 inches above the counter.

Size and Height of Your New Fixture

You’ll also need to consider the width of the room and the doors and windows. For example, if your kitchen island is 6 feet long, you’ll need to make sure you have at least three pendants. For dining room tables, you’ll need to subtract the length of the chandelier from the table’s width.

Once you’ve determined the size and height of your new fixture, you’ll need to decide how to connect it to the wires in the ceiling. Typically, the green wire of the Pendant Lamps light will connect to the metal part of the fixture, while the black and white wires will connect to the ceiling wires.

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