5 Event Planning Tools That Help Your Event


There are many tools available to help you plan and execute your event . Kahoot, Slido, SpotMe, and Social Tables are just a few of them. Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages. Use them accordingly to maximize the success of your event!

Event Planners Keep Track Of Past and Upcoming Events

Social Tables is a great tool for creating and managing events. Its intuitive design allows event planners to quickly create floor plans with ease. This software also has collaborative tools to improve the planning experience for clients. The platform also features a comprehensive symbol database and scores of templates to facilitate visual communication. These tools will help you visualize how an event should look and feel, and can even help you manage your equipment and seating arrangements.

This platform also helps event planners keep track of past and upcoming events. Users can search for events by name, date range, or other criteria. Additionally, they can upload and view documents and photos. The tool is priced based on how many events a planner needs to manage.

Socialtable Offers Collaborative Solutions

SocialTable offers collaborative solutions and professional event management software. Its tools include seating and diagramming. It is also available on most video conferencing platforms and requires no technical set-up. Thousands of businesses use the service to manage events. SocialTable has helped more than 5,000 companies manage and plan events.

The app helps you create floor plans and assign seating for attendees. It also allows you to access your event layout anytime and anywhere. You can even use it to drip-market tickets and special packages. It is easy-to-use and convenient for visual learners.

Slido Is an Event Planning Tool

Slido is an event planning tool that allows you to set up live polling and Q&A sessions. You can create interactive content in just a few minutes. The tool also lets you track key insights about your event during the event’s progress and afterward.

This event planning tool makes the process of planning a conference or other event easier than ever. It offers an easy-to-use interface that allows you to collaborate with other planners and share information with vendors. It also supports interactive tools such as word clouds and real-time Q&As.

Spotme Is a Cloud-Based Event Management Tool

You’re planning a big event, an event planning tool can help you organize the process and make the planning process easier. SpotMe can help you keep everyone on the same page, and it lets you collaborate with others from anywhere. This tool is especially helpful for busy event planners who may need to collaborate on event details via phone or video. It also allows you to group related images and videos together. This makes it easy to create a visual mind map for your event planning process.

SpotMe is a cloud-based event management tool that helps you plan, manage and track events. Its innovative approach to event planning enables you to manage every aspect of the event, including registration, website building and statistics. This event planning tool is free for up to three events and up to five users. It also has production features and helps you engage and communicate with attendees.

Aventri’s Comprehensive Event Planning Platform

The Aventri platform offers a variety of tools that help event planners streamline the registration process. These tools include mobile and cloud-based technology, as well as near-field communications (NFC). They can also be used to regulate attendees’ badges and ticket sales. Among the most useful features of the Aventri platform are its visual dashboards that provide essential transparency and insight.

Aventri’s comprehensive event planning platform automates the entire event planning process, reducing manual tasks and increasing efficiency. It also allows event planners to see event budgets and optimize all event touchpoints. This way, they can focus on improving attendee satisfaction and ensuring brand loyalty.

How to Create an Event Website?

Bizzabo is an event planning tool that offers a comprehensive suite of features. This tool is geared towards medium and large businesses, and is a great option for big events like conferences, concerts, fundraisers, and tradeshows. It helps event organizers streamline tasks, enhance campaigning, and improve team collaboration. It also allows event organizers to create an event website, send emails, and create agendas.

You can also use the Bizzabo event planning tool to organize a VIP event. The tool offers templates to map out the venue and events. These templates can be customized to meet the needs of your event. For example, you can create a theater-like layout to map out the space for your event.

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