Distracted Driving Is A Serious Concern


Distracted driving is a serious concern because it can result in catastrophic accidents, even fatalities. Examples of distracted driving include texting, eating or drinking, and reaching for objects. Even animated conversations with passengers can cause a driver to lose focus and cause a collision. In addition, distracted driving can be a contributing factor in wrongful death accidents.

Texting While Driving

A driver’s ability to concentrate on the road may be compromised if he or she is texting. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, sending and receiving texts while driving takes a driver’s eyes off the road for 4.6 seconds. At 55 mph, that’s equivalent to driving the length of a football field blindfolded.

Distracted driving is a significant hazard for other drivers and passengers, and it can lead to an accident. When done illegally, texting while driving can lead to serious injuries or even death. As a result, drivers can be held liable for the injuries and damages suffered by others. Those who are injured in a texting-related accident can obtain full compensation from the driver who was at fault.

Texting While Driving By Other Passengers

Texting while driving is a major distraction that can lead to a fatal accident. Many drivers admit to reading and responding to text messages while driving. And more than one-third of teen drivers admit to surfing the Internet while driving . Most drivers, meanwhile, admit to answering text messages for up to five seconds at a time. These actions can cause an accident in seconds.

Texting while driving is dangerous for other passengers and other drivers. Not only does this practice cause accidents, but other passengers can be injured as well. As a driver, you have the responsibility to make sure that everyone on the road is safe. The last thing you want is for them to be distracted by a text message.

Illegal for Drivers to Text While Driving

In the United States, 43 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws that make it illegal for drivers to text while driving. In fact, nine people die every day in car accidents involving a distracted driver. And in 2011, about 17% of all crashes were due to distracted driving. Police have begun patrolling the roads and are enforcing the law.

Using a cell phone while driving puts everyone on the road at risk. Statistics show that distracted drivers cause at least 3,000 crashes per year and cause more than 431,000 injuries. Teens are especially at risk of texting while driving. This is because they lack experience and advanced driving skills and are more likely to make mistakes.

Texting While Driving By the At-Fault Driver

The at-fault driver may be liable for your accident if he or she was texting while driving. If you suspect this, it’s important to gather evidence of the distracted driving before filing your claim. One way to prove this is to get a police report. While the police officer may not be able to provide a full explanation of the crash, he or she can obtain important information from witnesses.

In addition to witness testimony, you may be able to collect photos that prove the driver was texting. If you are able to gather all the necessary paperwork, you’ll have a stronger case for compensation. This may include medical bills, witness statements, accident reconstruction expert reports, and police reports. An attorney can help you gather all of these documents and make sure your claim is filed properly.

Driving Have a Higher Chance of Crashing Into Other Vehicles

Drivers who text while driving have a higher chance of crashing into other vehicles. They are also likely to drift out of their travel lane. If they are unable to focus on the road, they may experience ‘inattention blindness,’ which is the result of being distracted while driving. This is an extremely dangerous condition and can cause catastrophic injuries or death.

While most drivers may think that texting while driving isn’t a problem, it’s important to remember that this kind of distraction has serious consequences. A distracted driver may run a red light or veer into oncoming traffic, or cause a rear-end collision.

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