Flowers For Dreams Is Corporate Party


Flowers for Dreams is a B Corporation, and they also offer a wedding magazine for free. They also have free flower delivery service. The company is committed to helping people find the perfect flowers for their wedding, and they are an environmentally friendly company. Their mission statement includes a commitment to helping people live happier lives.

Flowers for Dreams Has a Free Wedding Magazine

You are planning a wedding, you may want to consider Flowers for Dreams’ free wedding magazine. The floral service specializes in light and modern arrangements and also offers hand delivery for free. The wedding services are designed to suit all moods and themes, and all arrangements have seasonal flair. They are also affordable and support the Chicago Women’s Health Center.

Another free wedding magazine option is to visit your local library, which may offer subscriptions. These are often available for download for a trial period, so you can make a decision before committing to a subscription. Alternatively, you can check Craigslist for free wedding magazines.

Provides Practical Information for International Brides

As the business continues to expand, the company plans to expand to major metropolitan areas in the Midwest, including Milwaukee. Having a presence in these larger cities will ensure that the company can keep costs low and maintain the quality of service. This may result in the hiring of more people in the Milwaukee area.

The wedding magazine provides a wealth of inspiration for brides planning a summertime wedding. The magazine covers everything from floral arrangements to venue decor. It also provides practical information for international brides.

Flowers for Dreams Has a Free Flower Delivery Service

Flowers for Dreams started out peddling flowers around Chicago and made a profit by giving them to schools. They also gave bouquets to college graduates and parents, and donated a portion of their profits to nonprofit organizations. This small business has grown tremendously and is now available for weddings and corporate events. The free service includes overnight shipping to eight Midwest states. The company has 35 full-time employees and offers rotating bouquet selections of four types starting at $35.

Flowers for Dreams’ mixed floral bouquets come wrapped in burlap to give them an earthier look. The flowers come from local farms in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan. The bouquets are delivered with brown luggage tags and are perfect for any occasion. The company plans to expand into the Milwaukee market soon. The new store will be located at 134 W. Pittsburgh Avenue in Walker’s Point. The company started delivering to the area last year.

  • Flowers for Dreams also has a free flower delivery service for corporate events.
  • They can deliver fresh, mixed flowers to a corporate party for no extra charge.
  • The company donates 25 percent of its profits to local charities.
  • The flowers are available in all sizes and colors, and the delivery charges are very affordable.

Local Organizations and Providing Job Training

Flowers for Dreams is an online florist with operations in Chicago and Milwaukee. It is a B corporation, which means that it meets a standard for social impact and is committed to making a positive difference in the world. They do this by donating a portion of their profits to local organizations and providing job training for refugees in Chicago.

Founded by Steven Dyme and Joseph Dickstein, Flowers for Dreams is dedicated to changing the way that people purchase flowers. Their flower bouquets are custom-designed and hand-crafted in small, local operations, and they donate 25% of their profits to charities in need.

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