Moroccan Light Fixtures From 54kibo


One of our favorite pieces from 54kibo is their woven pendant Moroccan light fixture . The creator, Quagraine, and her team spent countless hours in Zimbabwe, studying basket weaving techniques and patterns. Using a similar process, they created this stunning light fixture, which features natural wood with a variety of colors and a beautifully ornate hand-woven pattern. This product ships flat, so you don’t have to worry about assembling it yourself.

Moroccan Light Fixtures Feature Modern

Inspired by the traditional design and craftsmanship of Morocco, Dounia Home’s Moroccan light fixtures feature modern aesthetics with traditional touches. Each piece is handmade with local metals and employs energy-efficient processes. The company’s Amur mushroom table lamp, for example, takes more than 80 hours to create, and has a geometric base and perforated dome shade. The brand supports local artisans and pays them 30% more than fair trade standards. Dounia Home’s products are packaged in handmade fabric bags.

A Favorite Piece Of 54kibo’s Is The Woven Pendant Lamp. Designer Quagraine And Her Team Studied Basket-Weaving Techniques Throughout Africa, Learning About 20 Different Methods In Zimbabwe Alone. They Then Reproduced The Same Process In The Design Of Their Pendant Light, Which Has A Natural Wood Finish And An Ornate Hand-Woven Pattern. This Piece Is Also Shipped Flat, So It’s Easy To Move Around.

54kibo Has A Unique Mission:

  • To Share The Story Of African Artisans And Their Culture With The World.
  • By Using Their Designs And Materials To Bring African Design To The Global Marketplace,
  • 54kibo Strives To Make African D├ęcor Accessible To More People.

Unique and Affordable Way

You’re looking for a Unique and Affordable Way to Update Your Home’s Decor, Quagraine’s Woven Pendant Light Fixture Is a Great Place to Start. This Beautiful Piece Was Created By Quagraine And Her Team After Years Of Researching Basket Weaving Techniques In Africa. The Team Studied More Than 20 Techniques In Zimbabwe Alone, And Used Each To Craft A Unique Pendant Light. This Piece Is Woven With Various Colors Of Wood And Features An Ornate Hand-Woven Pattern. It Ships Flat, So You Don’t Need To Worry About Assembly.

Quagraine Created The 54kibo To Showcase The Exquisite Craftsmanship Of African Artisans. These Pieces Are A Great Way to Add Diversity to Your Home Decor Collection, While Also Sharing the Story Behind the Artisans and Designers. Their Aim Is To Make African Designs More Accessible To Everyone Around The World.

Luxury Lifestyle

African art and music have always been popular worldwide. This same passion has translated into the 54kibo brand, a new luxury lifestyle brand founded in Brooklyn in 2018. The company’s mission is to make African distinctive designs more affordable for everyone. The company works with over 30 African designers to create unique and stylish items .

Dounia Home’s Woven Pendant Light

The woven pendant light on 54kibo was inspired by the beautiful art of basket weaving in Africa. Quagraine and her team spent days researching basket weaving techniques in Zimbabwe, where they learned about as many as 20 different varieties. They then used those techniques to create an elegant pendant light. The pendant light is made from natural wood, with natural and mixed-colored threads, and features an ornate hand-woven pattern.

All Dounia Home’s hanging lights are handmade in small batches with locally sourced materials, which ensure that they are environmentally friendly. Each fixture is handmade to order, and takes four to six weeks to complete. The lighting company also stands behind its process, paying artisans up to 30% more than fair trade standards.

Different Decor Styles

  • The Woven White Pendant Light is inspired by the art of African Ndebele artisans and is made ethically in South Africa.
  • The ring-shaped pendant light adjusts separately to create a three-dimensional effect, which fits well with many different decor styles.
  • It comes with a 5ft fabric cord, a 4″ white ceiling cup, and a bulb.

54kibo Lamp Is Inspired By Traditional Moroccan Lamps

The 54 Kibo lamp is inspired by traditional Moroccan lamps, but features modern styling and clean lines. The company also offers trade discounts and free shipping. If you’re a designer, you can become a member of its trade program and get exclusive pricing and free shipping.

Besides Moroccan light fixtures, 54kibo sells a variety of other African and South African decorative lighting. They offer pendant lights, table lamps, and more, in various styles, textures, and colors. These lights provide diffused light for a wide variety of activities such as reading and dining. Contemporary table lamps are also available. Many of the fixtures are handmade and use traditional techniques.

Promoting Sustainable Design and Strives To Use Materials

Moroccan Light Fixtures From 54kibo is a luxury digital home decor retailer that curates contemporary African design. Founded by Quagraine, 54kibo offers upscale home design solutions from Africa and the African diaspora. Each item is handmade by skilled artisans. The website is dedicated to promoting sustainable design and strives to use materials as locally as possible.

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