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Your company needs secure industrial hardware and software, you need trusted solutions. The OPTIGA(tm) product family meets these needs. This article covers the topics of security within the hardware and software and secure tracking across a value chain.

Security in Core of Industrial Hardware

In modern enterprise environments, hardware plays a crucial role in ensuring data security and compliance. From smartphones to laptops to network switches, security measures for industrial hardware must be implemented to protect critical assets from attack. Even seemingly innocuous systems are susceptible to attacks, so security should be a key concern in the industrial hardware and software industry.

Hardware-based security can help protect on-premise systems and provide an additional layer of protection to software. It can also be used to monitor network traffic and generate and manage cryptographic keys. These modules help to increase the overall security level and provide the necessary visibility and resilience to protect critical assets.

Protecting against unintended changes in software

Protecting against unintended changes in industrial software and hardware requires a multi-layered approach. For example, unintended changes to the software or hardware in an industrial automation system can disrupt production, compromise plant safety, and expose know-how to theft. To avoid these unintended changes, companies should implement robust trust anchors to enforce code integrity and secure boot processes.

Providing secure tracking on a value chain

Providing secure tracking on a value chain requires a new level of trust in both supply and customer data. The ability to track the whereabouts of goods and their transit time is essential to supply chain visibility. Today, companies have taken this concept one step further by implementing solutions that provide a single view of the entire chain. The technology allows companies to manage their supply chains more efficiently, and reduce the risk of compromising customer data.

OPTIGA(tm) Product Family

The OPTIGA(tm) product line is trusted industrial hardware and software solutions that provide reliable security. Using advanced cryptography, the OPTIGA(tm) Trust chip authenticates replacement parts and offers a complete security solution for industrial applications. The OPTIGA(tm) Trust product family is available in turnkey packages and can be installed easily.

The OPTIGA(tm) TPM SLM 9670 is a tamper-resistant secure microcontroller (TPM). It supports the latest TPM 2.0 security standard and features secure key storage and dedicated key management. The OPTIGA(tm) SLM 9670 is compatible with any standard microcontroller with an SPI interface.

Nalpeiron Feature Control

Nalpeiron’s license management software makes hardware behave more like software, increasing functionality, utility, and value for the end user. The cloud-based licensing infrastructure allows hardware device manufacturers to unlock embedded software, offering greater flexibility and competitive edge. With 99.9% uptime guarantees and data collection and anonymization capabilities, Nalpeiron makes it easy to use industrial software and hardware. In fact, it has become so ubiquitous that 1000s of leading software companies rely on it.

Nalpeiron’s Licensing Service allows customers to choose flexible pricing models and go-to-market strategies. The software’s easy implementation makes it easy for companies to reduce costs and streamline manufacturing processes. As with most business decisions, moving value from hardware to software has its challenges and benefits, but Nalpeiron’s Licensing Service provides an effective solution that protects the company’s investment.

Zentitle licensing platform

You’re in the business of licensing industrial hardware and software, you’ve probably heard of Zentitle. This licensing platform combines advanced analytics with a user-friendly platform that allows you to easily manage and control your hardware and software usage in the field. It can help you differentiate your product and increase revenue while streamlining your licensing processes.

Zentitle is an account-based licensing platform that connects to your existing identity management platform. This allows you to manage and track your software on a single platform, eliminating the need to enter a license code each time. The system also offers flexible billing and subscription models. It offers subscriptions based on days, months, or years and even supports multiple-seat access.

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