TECHNI Waterjet Is A Waterjet Cutting System


A TECHNI Waterjet is a waterjet cutting system that offers cutting capabilities on a wide range of materials. These systems are designed to provide high-volume manufacturing processes that require extreme levels of pressure. The company is based in the USA, but also serves customers in Canada, Australia, and Brazil.

Quality Waterjet Cutting Machines

When it comes to quality waterjet cutting machines, TECHNI is the brand you can trust. Their machines are built to last and provide the best results. They are reliable and accurate, and are easy to operate. They also provide the best service support and spare parts in the industry. Whether you are looking to improve your business or cut the cost of your parts, TECHNI can help.

With over 20 years of experience in industrial machinery, Jonathan Schlick, president and founder of TECHNI Waterjet, has a wealth of knowledge in the industry. His experience includes waterjets, laser machinery and other modern cutting solutions. Through the years, he has become an expert in cutting solutions and has acquired an unmatched ability to determine the benefits and drawbacks of various machines.

Intec-G2(R) Value Series of Waterjet Cutting Systems

The Intec-G2(r) Value series of waterjet cutting systems represents the best value in the waterjet cutting industry. With its powerful motor and smaller footprint, the Intec-G2(r) can cut nearly any material up to 8 inches thick. Its Tech-SenseTM feature monitors the cutting head and pauses the program if it senses blockage. It also has a breakaway head to minimize the chance of cutting the cutting head in case of crash. Other features include EZY-Load material loading, advanced nesting, and submerged cutting.

The Intec-G2(r) Value series of waterjet cutting systems features a rugged design that provides fast cutting speeds. Its traverse speed is almost 1000 inches per minute, and it has high acceleration and deceleration rates. The system also features a high-quality German linear bearing and zero backlash. The system is also equipped with a servo “Z” axis, which provides fast Stand-off height setting.

Prevent Nozzle Clogging

When it comes to waterjet cutting, a consistent flow rate is a must. One of the most commonly used abrasives is garnet, which is both inexpensive and effective. However, if you want to keep the cutting speed up, it’s best to use abrasives that are of a smaller particle size. This can help prevent nozzle clogging. Make sure to select a mixing tube with a bore approximately 1/3 the diameter of the nozzle. This will prevent the large particles from bridging into the mixing tube.

AWJ cutting started in 1982, when Mohamed Hashish published the first papers describing the process. These papers detailed how a waterjet with small abrasives could cut hard materials. In 1987, he received a patent for this new technique. Today, the technology is used in more than 50 different industries around the world.

5-Axis Cutting Head

A TechniWaterjet 5-axis cutting machine combines 5 axes of cutting with direct drive technology to deliver high-precision cut results. This unique combination of advanced technology and advanced cutting capability allows for precise cuts up to 60 degrees in all directions. Its versatility and precision allows it to perform complex cuts and eliminate secondary operations. This cutting machine can also be used for various fabrication needs, including weld preparation.

The five axes of motion in the TechniWaterjet 5-axis cutting system allow for a wide variety of cutting applications. The A-axis can tilt the cutting head to a 60-degree angle, while the C-axis rotates the head around the z-axis. This means that it can cut materials with various angles, including bevels and angled surfaces.

Laser VS Waterjet Cutting

You are looking for a cutting machine for your business, you may be wondering if laser cutting is better than waterjet cutting. While both types of cutting machines can be useful in certain cases, they offer different benefits. You should look at the pros and cons of each type of cutting before you make your final decision. Laser cutting has the advantage of precision. Waterjet cutting does not, however, offer as much precision as laser cutting.

Waterjet cutting can handle thicker materials than laser cutting. It is often more appropriate for engraving and detailed objects. It is also faster, allowing for faster cutting. Both waterjet and laser cutting systems are effective for cutting a wide range of materials. Laser cutting produces high-precision cuts, while waterjet cutting produces less waste.

Competitive Landscape

The competitive landscape for waterjet cutting technologies is evolving at a rapid pace. As more end-users are opting for the use of these cutting technologies, their market potential is also increasing. Advanced waterjet cutting machines, with five axis cutting capabilities, are a major player in the developed market. Compared to traditional cutting processes, waterjet cutting technology offers increased precision and minimizes waste. However, the lack of trained professionals and high cost are limiting market growth.

The growing demand for eco-friendly cutting processes is another factor driving the growth of waterjet cutting technology. As stringent government policies encourage companies to adopt sustainable business practices, more are adopting this cutting technology. In addition, the new Mineral Policy 2019 supports the adoption of environmental-friendly mining activities.

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