Nissan’s Vision For Intelligent Mobility


Intelligent Mobility is Nissan’s vision for cars that make driving safer, easier, more fun, and more connected than ever before. It includes innovation in three core areas: how cars are powered, how they are driven, and how they fit into society. Intelligent Mobility is already taking shape in Nissan cars. To learn more about Nissan Intelligent Mobility, visit the Intelligent Mobility website.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility Integrated System

The Nissan Intelligent Mobility Integrated system uses technology to make driving safer and more comfortable for drivers. It monitors traffic flow, and allows a driver to choose where to go and what to do. The system is based on the company’s Intelligent Automation, which can communicate with other autonomous vehicles to share real-time hazards, and adapt routes on its own. The system is also known as Seamless Autonomous Mobility.

The Nissan Intelligent Mobility system also aims to connect cars and people to create an ecosystem of connected vehicles, improved traffic flow, and energy management. It is compatible with smartphones and can seamlessly connect to other smart devices, including door-to-door navigation, smartwatch connectivity, and Alexa integration. It also works with the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle. In addition to being powerful and quiet, the Nissan LEAF is a hybrid vehicle that lets users integrate smart devices into their car’s dashboard.

Connectivity to New Level By Combining Real And Virtual Worlds

The Connectivity of Nissan Intelligent Mobility is part of the new Intelligent Mobility system that enables seamless integration across multiple brands and services. With the NissanConnect system, drivers can access various vehicle information with their smartphone, making driving a seamless and hassle-free experience. With advanced voice commands, drivers can easily adjust the cabin temperature with their voice, as well as access information about nearby points of interest. NissanConnect also includes advanced safety and security technologies.

The Nissan Concepts take connectivity to a new level by combining real and virtual worlds to make the driving experience more comfortable. The Invisible-to-Visible technology is a new driver assistance system that helps the driver “see the invisible” and merge the real and virtual worlds. Advanced prototypes of the ProPILOT driver assistance system allow the vehicle to interpret traffic signals and road signs. Ultimately, Nissan’s Concepts demonstrate how committed it is to the autonomous future.

Promote the Availability of Charging Stations

Nissan’s commitment to Intelligent Mobility focuses on developing smarter, safer cars and reducing emissions. It has introduced Piloted Drive vehicles in Japan and Europe and plans to expand its fleet with electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Nissan is collaborating with local governments to promote the availability of charging stations and other technologies to make it easier for its customers to charge their vehicles. The company is also working on ways to minimize the need for changing cars by integrating wireless charging networks.

Mobility Program Is Divided Into Three Pillars

The Nissan Intelligent Mobility program is divided into three pillars:

  • Intelligent Driving,
  • Intelligent Power
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

Together, they create a new way of driving. Intelligent Driving, for example, uses advanced technologies to identify and mitigate dangerous situations and helps drivers remain alert while driving. It also helps Nissan achieve its goal of zero road fatalities by using driver-assist technologies. These advanced technologies allow the car to predict road conditions, and it will automatically adjust to avoid dangerous situations.

Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

As a leading automobile manufacturer, Nissan is committed to making transportation safer and smarter, as well as developing the next generation of electric and autonomous vehicles. Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility strategy centers on three key areas: autonomous driving, electric and hybrid vehicles, and new links between cars and society. Intelligent Integration is the next step in Nissan’s mission to make vehicles safer and more efficient. Gas emissions from Intelligent Mobility Nissan vehicles are expected to be significantly lower than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, so it is important to ensure that each Nissan vehicle has a clean and efficient fuel source.

Developing Innovative Technologies

The company’s Intelligent Mobility strategy revolves around developing innovative technologies for electric and fuel cell vehicles. It aims to promote fuel diversity and renewable energy development. Nissan’s LEAF electric vehicle is a successful example of this strategy. The vehicle is designed to provide 100 percent instant torque, while producing zero tailpipe emissions. In addition, Nissan will support the expansion of EV charging infrastructure in Mexico, the US, and Europe. It will also collaborate with partners to increase the number of quick chargers for all types of EVs.

Invisible-To-Visible Technology

Nissan is collaborating with NTT DOCOMO to field-test its new Invisible-to-Visible technology in cars. It aims to create a new way to see the world by overlaying information from sensors in and outside of the car onto the driver’s field of view, similar to augmented reality or a head-up display. The technology is currently only in development, but Nissan says it could become a reality by 2025.

Company Has Already Conducted Some Initial Tests

This technology is currently being tested in the United States by Nissan Vision for Intelligent Mobility. The company wants to beam augmented reality avatars into the cabin of cars, enabling drivers to see beyond objects in front of them. The company has already conducted some initial tests, including developing holograms that resemble anime. The avatars will be interacting with passengers and the driver. The car will also beam information from the outside world directly into the dashboard.

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