Specialty Of Nursing Care Is Known As Rehabilitation Nursing

Nursing Care

The specialty of nursing care is known as rehabilitation nursing, and it focuses on helping individuals cope with chronic health conditions and disabilities. A rehabilitation nurse’s job is to create an environment that fosters client development, by creating therapeutic treatment plans that promote physical, psychosocial, and spiritual health. These nurses work both in acute care settings and outpatient rehabilitation facilities. Here are a few of the basic skills needed for a rehabilitation nurse.

Skilled Nursing Care

Aside from regular hospital visits, a skilled nursing facility can also provide patients with a range of specialized medical services. These services may include therapy and dietary recommendations. Depending on the ailment and age of the resident, these specialists will help the patient navigate their dietary needs and provide a social outlet and a sympathetic ear. Some skilled nursing facilities will incorporate exercise as part of ongoing medical care. These services may also include exercise therapy and advice about which types of activities are best suited for the resident.

Difference between a Skilled Nursing Facility and a Nursing Home

  • Essentially, skilled nursing care is provided by licensed nurses. Most skilled nursing communities meet stringent requirements and undergo regular inspections by the U.S. Department of Health.
  • A skilled nursing facility may not have a physical therapy department, but it will provide specialized rehabilitation. In addition, it will provide specialized rehabilitation for those with neurological and other disorders.

Requirements In Order To Provide Rehabilitation Services

A registered nurse who provides health care for patients with disabilities must meet certain requirements in order to provide rehabilitation services. These nurses must meet the highest national standards for nursing practice. They must adhere to a code of ethics and engage in professional role activities appropriate to their position and education.

Several Different Certifications Available For Rehabilitation Nurses

Their knowledge and skills are important for providing care in specialized settings. There are several different certifications available for rehabilitation nurses . Some programs are online, while others require an in-person program.

Employees Must Have the Required Experience

To provide rehabilitation services, a hospital must have sufficient staffing levels and facilities. It must also have written policies and procedures governing the management of the service, interdepartmental relationships, and communication with outside agencies. Staff orientation and in-service training should be conducted in accordance with hospital policies. A quality assurance committee is also required. All employees must have the required experience and education to provide rehabilitation services.

(HHS) Has Adopted Regulations

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has adopted regulations requiring nursing care and specialized rehabilitation facilities to meet certain minimum standards. In addition, such facilities must have qualified professionals on staff, adequate space, equipment, and facilities, and written policies detailing management, interdepartmental relationships, and communication. Staff should receive adequate orientation and in-service training. Providing quality patient care requires careful planning, collaboration, and commitment.

Regulations for Nursing Homes

  • For example, the regulations for nursing homes mandate that employees obtain criminal record clearance within 30 days of employment.
  • Employees cannot work in a position requiring direct contact with patients without undergoing this screening. Further, nursing facilities are required to hire only individuals who have completed the requisite training, education, and experience.
  • These staff members must be bonded and insured. These regulations require nursing facilities to provide follow-up care after discharge.

Costs Of Nursing Care And Specialized Rehab May Seem High?

While costs of nursing care and specialized rehab may seem high, they are not always so out of reach. Health insurance, long-term insurance policies, savings, reverse mortgages, and government assistance can help cover some of the costs. Medicare, for example, covers up to 20 days of nursing care for patients who are suffering from a medical condition. It also offers financial assistance to patients who need more than a basic nursing home can provide.

Practice Of Rehabilitative Nursing Requires A Range Of Skill

The practice of rehabilitative nursing requires a range of skill sets and a specialized knowledge base. RNs must have training in rehabilitative nursing to provide quality care and reduce costs. They must be knowledgeable about basic nursing practices, establish appropriate diagnoses, and develop short and long-term goals. They also must understand the impact of disability and the role of nursing in the care of patients.

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